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Why do not we try to draw up a detailed guide to the  Video Games, which have yet to come out this year for different gaming platforms? Let us perhaps start with the Sony PlayStation 4. What console is waiting for its owners in 2015?

In a series of materials copyright of their small project, I’ll highlight the most interesting gaming news for every gaming platform, which should come into the world during 2015. Some Amazon Video Games will have to mention several times, since they come for multiple systems, so do not be afraid of repetitions. De minimis or not impress me the Amazon Video Game I specifically mention will not. Let’s focus only on worthy projects. Please note that some Amazon Video Games yet there is no official release date, so in the “Released” will be something like the “end of 2015”. Well, let’s go!

Dying Light

Genre: Action
Exclusivity: it will also be released on the Xbox One and PC
Action from the Polish studio Techland again invites us to fight the hordes of zombies, wandering blindly through the streets of the city. This time, the Amazon Video Game will be the hallmark of the protagonist is deceived parkour, which is not so easy to catch, being clumsy ghoul. At first glance, the Amazon Video Game looks quite attractive, but would in fact – here it is necessary to feel it all with your own hands. Very pleased with the bold decision of developers to abandon the creation of versions of the Amazon Video Game for old consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in favor of a more advanced graphics instead of averaged. This is now rarely seen in the gaming industry.

Life is Strange

Genre: Adventure
Exclusivity: will also be released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One
Mystical Adventure Game Life is Strange tells us the story of a girl with a male named Max, which is to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend Chloe. The Amazon Video Game is a bit like a mixture of the series Twin Peaks, the Amazon Video Game Heavy Rain and Stephen King novels, add to that the ability of the main character to travel through time, and you get an incredibly exciting project. Minus the Amazon Video Game is only one – is that it will come out episodes. The first to be released by the end of this month, so the wait is not that long.


Genre: Action / FPS
Exclusivity: it will also be released on the Xbox One and PC
The Amazon Video Game, which is the spiritual successor to the series Left 4 Dead. Multiplayer shooter in which a team of four players, hunters have to fight the monster, which is controlled by the player to confront them. Characters are divided into four classes: the support of fighters, attack planes, the Rangers and physicians. Together, they must be well-coordinated team, otherwise the monster would deal with them quickly. Monsters in the Amazon Video Game as the four classes, but each of them is able to evolve in the course of the Amazon Video Game, taking an even more dangerous form for hunters. To evolve, the monster must hunt various fauna that inhabit the Amazon Video Game cards, and store special glasses. After accumulating a certain number of points, they can pupate and be reborn in a more perfect its shape.

The Order: 1886

Genre: Action / Adventure
Exclusivity: yes
Release date in Amazon: February 20,

Ready at Dawn Studios was known only by a few very high quality Amazon Video Games for the PSP handheld console. Now, Sony has given the studio full freedom of action for the realization of big-budget project. They began the Amazon Video Game The Order: 1886, which is set in an alternate Victorian London end of the XIX century. The Amazon Video Game is filled with atmosphere directly steampunk, but it offers players a fantastic technology, which does not exist even in our time. Visually, the Amazon Video Game looks like you’re watching a high quality CG-saver. It is difficult to distinguish between the Amazon Video Gameplay of the story of the scene, and this is the main asset of the project. Team Amazon Video Game characters, consisting of the modern knights of the round table, fighting the terrible mutants and help them in this special substance “Black water” that can heal any wounds on the human body and allowing him to defeat aging.

Project CARS

Genre: Simulator
Exclusivity: it will also be released on the Xbox One, Wii U and PC
Release date in Amazon: 17 March

One of the most beautiful and realistic car simulator in the world is finally ready to show us your final image. The Amazon Video Game was transferred several times to bring to mind, but the players are too tired of waiting. The Amazon Video Game will offer us a lot of Amazon Video Game modes, which include a rally race on the cards, the GT and even the 24 Hours of Le Mans. You can play alone or with friends on the network. The Amazon Video Game will also include more than 60 licensed cars, more than 35 real-life racing tracks and editor with which players can edit their cars as they want to. In other words, we face a serious contender for the title of the main rival Gran Turismo series.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Genre: Action / RPG
Exclusivity: will also be released on Xbox One
Release date in Amazon: March 20,

Long-suffering Japanese role-playing Amazon Video Game from the famous series Final Fantasy. It announced it was back in 2006 under the title Final Fantasy Agito XIII for Japanese mobile phones. After two years of futile attempts of developers to fit their ideas in a mobile application, it was decided to rework the Amazon Video Game for handheld consoles PlayStation Portable, which she left in 2011 under the name of Final Fantasy Type-0. In 2014, the announcement of an updated version of the Amazon Video Game, which will be released for next-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One. Amazon Video Game heavily reworked, improving its graphics, pulling ahead and adding new content. Another bonus for players who pre-order for this Amazon Video Game to be the exclusive demo version of Final Fantasy XV complete, you can not get any other way. Well, quite a cunning marketing ploy on the part of Square Enix.


Genre: Action / RPG
Exclusivity: yes
Release date in Amazon: March 25

The Amazon Video Game from the creators of Dark Souls series (formerly Demon’s Souls) Japanese studio From Software. Once you have played in this “dark fantasy”, then imagine all that hardcore and careful study of the world that await players in this exclusive to the PS4 console. The Amazon Video Game takes place in a gloomy city Yarnam covered by a mysterious epidemic that turns people into monsters. The protagonist is a monster hunter, who fights with the terrible creatures of darkness and tries to put an end to the plague. People who have already try beta version of the Amazon Video Game this fall, were delighted with the incredible graphics and atmosphere of the project. We can say with confidence that Bloodborne like those Amazon Video Gamers who love challenges. From Software does not do casual Amazon Video Games, which can be played yawning and sipping cocktails.

Mortal Kombat X

Genre: Fighting
Exclusivity: will also be released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC
Release date in Amazon: April 14,

The tenth in a row portion (net of spin-offs) of the cult fighting Amazon Video Game Mortal Kombat will be released in April this year. The developers promise us even more brutal finishing moves Fatality, even more cinematic Amazon Video Gameplay with carefully developed characters, even more specialized techniques and combo chains, as well as much, much more. Do I need to change something in this already remarkable series? I think that the development should be exclusively qualitative and quantitative, but the basic idea of the series radically changed in any case should not be. Since the Amazon Video Game comes out simultaneously on five platforms, including the previous generation of consoles, we should not expect from it some kind of revelation in terms of graphics. But Mortal Kombat has always pleased us as much graphics as stunningly spectacular battles.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Genre: Action / RPG
Exclusivity: it will also be released on the Xbox One and PC
Release date in Amazon: 19 May

If this year was the main role-playing Amazon Video Game Dragon Age: Inquisition, the next year it claims the title of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by Polish studio CD Projekt RED. Continuation of the adventures of a fearless witcher Geralt of Rivia will immerse you in a unique atmosphere of dark fantasy that has never looked so beautiful. The developers promise us the Amazon Video Game world, which is 30 times more than the previous two Amazon Video Games, and even 20% more than the world map of Skyrim. To complete the story of the Amazon Video Game, you will have to spend at least 50 hours, and to get additional saydkvesty, will have to spend more at the screen 50 hours. Impressive, is not it?

Batman: Arkham Knight

Genre: Action / Adventure
Exclusivity: it will also be released on the Xbox One and PC
Release date in Amazon: June 2

Finally, a series of Batman Amazon Video Games will move to the next generation gaming consoles and completely will gain incredible graphics. The Amazon Video Game before that looked surprisingly cool, and now it will be simply irresistible. The size of the Amazon Video Game world at times exceeds all that you have seen in the previous parts of it. And given that their lands Dark Knight will be able to drive around in the Batmobile, many already can not wait for this Amazon Video Game to touch as soon as possible. Sadly only to realize that this Amazon Video Game will be a triumphant conclusion of the series.

Ratchet and Clank Remastered

Genre: Action / Platformer
Exclusivity: yes
Release date in Amazon: the second quarter of 2015

A remake of the popular platforming of the line for the new PS2 hits the PlayStation 4 has become a pleasant surprise for many fans of Ratchet and Clank series. The Amazon Video Game will be redesigned from scratch and as a result should look like a complete CG-movie. By the way, Sony Pictures parallel just creates an animated film based on the Amazon Video Game. It is this film you can see a little higher in the trailer, as the footage from the Amazon Video Game updated to the network is not leaked. As a result, the Amazon Video Game should look like, if not exactly, like this film, somewhere very close.

Until Dawn

Genre: Horror / Adventure
Exclusivity: yes
Release date in Amazon: Summer 2015

Movie “Youth horror” we all rather tired. But what would you say if you have the opportunity to become a hero of one of these films? The Amazon Video Game Until Dawn will provide you with the opportunity to cheat the cunning serial killer who preys on you and your friends in a huge country mansion. It is your choice and skills will depend upon which of the eight characters will survive and who will always remain in this house. In creating the Amazon Video Game was attended by a fairly well-known actors from various youth films and television series like Hayden Panettiere, who played a major role in the “Heroes” TV series. Very interesting in the Amazon Video Game will be used especially Amazon Video Game controller DualShock 4. The dangerous moments your character will need to stand still and not move to the killer did not notice it. If you shelohnёtes, your controller using the gyro will notice it, and after it you will notice the killer. So it goes.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Genre: Action / Adventure
Exclusivity: yes
Release date in Amazon: Fall 2015

From the fourth part of Uncharted we waited so much that when the studio Naughty Dog showed the first footage from the alpha version of the Amazon Video Game, many players began to grumble. Like, the schedule will not do, and in general, a disappointment, but not next-gen-project. Nevertheless, all these people only become victims of their own high expectations, but the Amazon Video Game is a truly cutting-edge developments. No joke, the real-time rendering technology used, which is based on the animated movie studio Pixar? Every hair on the body of the protagonist interacts with the wind, including the hair on his chest (this is a lot of fun Amazon Video Games developers). Characters appear on the clothing minute creases that were not drawn in advance, and are the result of physical interactions Materials. At the main character Nathan Drake in the arsenal, there are 850 different facial expressions. For comparison: in Uncharted 3 for PS3 console, it had only 120 of emotions. The Amazon Video Game promises to be more than impressive, and considering that we only showed a piece of rather monotonous level, likely the brightest developers laid later.

Persona 5

Genre: RPG / Simulation
Exclusivity: will also be released on the PlayStation 3
Release date in Amazon: Fall 2015

Persona – is a cult series jRPG in Japan. As a rule, it tells different stories about groups of teenagers faced with any otherworldly forces, or simply with his inner demons. Amazon Video Games of this series features a deep psychology (Amazon Video Games mostly based on the teachings of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist), careful study of the characters and some romance, because you are very attached to the heroes of the game in the course of its passage. It is difficult to explain in words, so be sure to try the Amazon Video Game yourself and draw the necessary conclusions.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Genre: Action / Adventure
Exclusivity: it will also be released on the Xbox One and PC
Release date in Amazon: Fall 2015

To be honest, I’m not really inclined to trust Ubisoft studios in terms of graphics level, that we show in the beautiful video. As a result, all may not be as rosy as many might seem initially. We have already received a stripped-down visual component in Watch Dogs and Far Cry 4. The same thing can happen in the end and with Tom Clancy’s The Division. Marketing in the world of video Amazon Video Games – a cruel thing. Let me remind you that the Amazon Video Game will tell about how a group of special agents trying to maintain order in a post-apocalyptic New York, clearing the town from marauders and saving defenseless civilians.

The Tomorrow Children

Genre: Sandbox
Exclusivity: yes
Release date in Amazon: 2015

Game sandbox, something reminiscent of Minecraft in the atmosphere of Soviet totalitarianism. Too many details hint to us that we were in this dystopia where all citizens fantasy world are working tirelessly every day for the sake of a great goal. In fact, the Amazon Video Game takes place in a fantastic location, known as “The Void”. It shifted the Earth’s inhabitants consciousness after a failed scientific experiment. You’ll need to master a variety of professions such as a radio operator, miner, engineer or soldier to rebuild human civilization and repel the mysterious monsters that will constantly attack your village. It is very unusual visual style and atmosphere of the Amazon Video Game can either push you, and vice versa, drag on for hours.


Genre: Adventure / Platformer
Exclusivity: yes
Release date in Amazon: 2015

A stunningly beautiful adventure Amazon Video Game, which is developing a young but very ambitious studio Tequila Works. The Amazon Video Game is somewhat reminiscent of a classic design for the PlayStation 2, which is called the ICO. There is also the boy had to travel the fantasy world and solve puzzles. This is a Amazon Video Game I boldly call my favorite this year and wait for its release with great anticipation. Such fairy Amazon Video Games , we really miss. You can not constantly play solid shooters?

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Genre: Adventure

A new project from the creators of the Amazon Video Game Dear Esther and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Dan Pinchbeck and Jessica Curry studio The Chinese Room. The Amazon Video Game is developed in collaboration with the studio Santa Monica Studio, which belongs to the Sony, so the probability that the Amazon Video Game will be released on other platforms, is zero. The Amazon Video Game’s story will be six characters, each of whom will tell you my story. All these people have to go through as much, and the real apocalypse. The Amazon Video Game is created with the help of the graphics engine CryEngine fourth generation, so that the look should be more than attractive.

The Witness

Genre: Puzzle
Exclusivity: exclusive temporary PS4, after some time, the Amazon Video Game will be released on other platforms
Beautiful puzzle Amazon Video Game from the creator of Braid, Jonathan Blow. This developer is different from his colleagues maniacal desire to achieve perfect results in their work. That is why its new Amazon Video Game The Witness has been under development for more than five years. The essence of the Amazon Video Game is to solving numerous puzzles, characters can move across the expanses of the beautiful tropical island. Its purpose is to mount on the horizon to which it is necessary to get at any price. To complete the Amazon Video Game you have to solve more than 400 puzzles that come up with the developer.

No Man’s Sky

Genre: Adventure / Simulator
Exclusivity: exclusive temporary PS4, the Amazon Video Game will be released later on other platforms
Release date in Amazon: 2015

The uniqueness of this Amazon Video Game is that it is procedurally generates huge Amazon Video Game universe literally before your eyes. Literally from the virtual atoms creates planets, landscape, flora and fauna, weather conditions and much, much more. You gets the role of researchers distant worlds. Open the unknown, unseen person study animal and plant species, down to the bottom of the mysterious ocean, battle with hostile aliens, collect valuable resources and improve your spaceship. In other words – do whatever you want.

Tearaway: Unfolded

Genre: Platformer
Originally this Amazon Video Game was released on a handheld console PlayStation Vita is, but later it was decided to modify and move it to the older console PlayStation 4 to as many people were able to see it.